Spreads of tarot cards

In order to do a tarot card reading, the understanding of the tarot card spreads and layout is very important. In a tarot card spread, every position has a specific meaning according to which, a reading is provided by the tarot card reader. There are a lot of tarot spreads which can be tried. The simplest spread is the single card draw which gives the simplest answers. For detailed information, a more complex spread can be tried. Here we will be talking about the most famous tarot card spreads which are widely used in the world.

One card draw

It is also known as single card draw or one card layout. In this process, an individual is asked to draw one card from the tarot deck. It is known for providing quick answers about a particular question in the simplest forms. After examining the first card, the next card is drawn, then the next and so on. It’s like peeling a banana.

Two card layout

This is the most used form of tarot card layout in the world. In this process, an individual is asked to pick one card from the two and then the reading is provided. The two cards are having the exact opposite meaning. This kind of layout is also used in finding the answers in the form of yes or no.

Three card layout

The three card spread provides with more options than one-card or two-card layout. Tarot card readers use this spread for the representation of a problem and to clarify it. A glimpse of the past weeks and months or the coming weeks and months can be shown through this spread. 

Five card layout

This spread is one of the most detailed ones which is able to provide a detailed insight into an individual. Tarot card readers use this spread mostly to provide a reading about an individual’s health or well-being. In this spread, all the five cards are represented as air, water, spirit, fire, and earth which are known as the five elements of the world. Sometimes the five cards are also represented as the mental, physical, emotional, spirit and temperament. The number five is associated with this spread and that’s why it predicts the future of the coming five months, coming five weeks or coming five days.

Celtic cross

This is the trending tarot card spread nowadays. The position of the cards in Celtic cross spread represents the different aspects of the life of an individual who came for the tarot reading. These aspects can be the challenges, the barriers, the plus points etc. The Celtic cross spread tells you the thing which should be your center of focus. It teaches to encounter a difficult situation. Providing Simple and concise information is why this spread is frequently used.

Tarot cards are one such tool with the help of which we can get the answers to our life’s questions and get the right path to walk on. There are many tarot card readers waiting for your arrival to enlighten your life with various kind of tarot spreads. Give them a try to provide a life enlightenment service.

The journey after Death!

When the body is released then what is happening to a person is this question is centuries old. In this connection, the curtain of mystery remains on the mind of the public while its solution has been discovered. Nevertheless, this thing is not considered scientific, because it is a matter of religion.

Mainly there are three types of bodies – macro, subtle and cause. When a person dies, leaving a gross body, he becomes completely in the subtle. After forgetting the astral body, the person takes on another body, but the causal body is the seed from which remains with us till infinite lifetimes.

The person dies every day and is born every day, but he does not realize this. The person who lives in the replica lives in the awakened dream and then the sleeping state. To know what happens after death, it is necessary to know the condition of the person’s mind first or to say that it is necessary to know the mood of the experience of thoughts, thoughts, substances and senses of the soul.

The person dies every day and is born every day, but he does not realize this. The person who lives in the replica lives in the awakened dream and then the sleeping state. To know what happens after death, it is necessary to know the condition of the person’s mind first or to say that it is necessary to know the mood of the experience of thoughts, thoughts, substances and senses of the soul.

 According to the divine texts the soul experiences its being in four levels- the awakened dream sleepiness and the momentary state.

Experience of three levels is experienced only for every born man, but in the fourth level only happens that has become self-assured or who has attained liberation. He is in a pure state, where there is no awareness, no dream, no sleep such people are only visible – which is also called the state of full awakening.

There are many levels of the first three stages. Someone who lives in dream lives in a dream-like living in a dream, even if he is awake. Someone is still sleepy, as if someone is drunk, surrounded by worries or who is called mental. The animals and birds around us are also awake, but we are more conscious than them, then we are human. When the level of consciousness falls then we become animalistic. It is also said that a drunken person becomes an animal. Plants are also deeply unconscious. After death, the awakening of the person, the memory treasure and the emotion determine that it should be born in the vagina. That is why the Vedas say that continuous practice of waking up. Waking up can free you from nature.

The normal person leaves the body as soon as possible first in front of his eyes is dark darkness, where he does not have any experience. For some time some sounds are heard, some scenes are seen as in a dream and then gradually they are lost in a deep sleep as someone goes into a coma. In deep sleep, some people are lost for eternity some are born in another condition only in this condition. Nature gives them pregnancy according to their state of thoughts, thoughts and awakening. Like the merit of such pregnancy, or whose speed is similar to that of excitement or misery. Motion is related to the matter.

But if a person is memorable, he tries to understand things awake in sleeping. Yet he does not distinguish between awakening and dream state. He is awake somewhat and some sleepy, but he keeps the news of his death. Such a person cannot be born until his memories of this birth are destroyed. Some are born in the form of exceptions, which are known to have been born before.

But for the person who is very much memorable, awake or aware, the difficulties arise in taking another birth, because according to a natural process, it is necessary to remain unconscious and memorable for the second birth.

Some of these people who are only memorable are living in ghosts, ghosts, or paternal cats, and those who are awake they look forward to looking for a good womb for some time. But those who are meditators or those who have meditated deeply, are free to take birth anywhere and anytime they wish. Therefore it is very important to meditate on God afterlife, otherwise, your rebirth and category will be determined by your destiny, and then you will be born of any organism and anywhere.

Palmistry or hand reading

Palmistry is another art of divination dating back to ages. Palmistry depends on the lines and shapes on your palm. People use to take palmistry as a method of forecasting their future. Though with the advancement in the field of science and technology, new methods have been developed to understand palmistry in more practical manner.

Method of Reading
Scientific method of palm reading was introduced after seeing the accuracy of the palm reading. Palmistry is not only reading of lines in your hand, but it involves reading of whole of the palm including shape of the palm, colour and also the character of the individual.
For learning palmistry,an individual can start reading books of palmistry, starting from the basic of lines and shapes formation on one’s hand. With the basic understanding you can go for further studies on palmistry. There are number of institutes and societies where palmistry can be opted as the branch of study.

Effect of palmistry
Individual with the strong will power and passion for the successful life take palmistry as a tool to make there life more fruitful. There were many instances when palmistry worked as the answer of unsolved questions. But this has been also noticed that with the change in time and place, shapes and lines of hands also changes. This is because, being a human being we have our control in making our future. We can decide in which direction we need to take our future. So palmistry creates a very positive effect on an individual. People make themselves prepared for the future outcomes. They get into better planning to grab the upcoming opportunities and also help them to grow stronger for any unlike events.

Scope of Palmistry
Palmistry can be useful in many ways including helping one understand there specialized area or job, they can fit themselves and enjoy their journey to success. This is just one part of the available option with palmistry. There can be a number of possibilities , like knowing about interesting job i.e choosing the right profession, Finding matching partners, preparing for any future outcome. This is all possible because of the fact that human being have there free will and can work according to their own responsibilities and potentials. But it will be a destruction if one starts leaving everything on fate and destiny. So, it is important to take this art of reading palm as a tool for making life more beautiful.

I am Noticing Some Signs Like 9999 or 1212 Every Time When I Travel…. What it Mean?

These signs mean a lot. May be they are trying to contact you, may be they’re trying to aware you about their presence, may be they’re trying to tell you about their some tasks which are left incomplete. These signs not just numbers or coincidence, these signs are a medium for them to let you feel their presence around you.

These signs are not normal. These are some hints from your loved ones who passed away. They want to tell you something or they want to pass you message. It’s quite possible that they want to alert you about something. Not even these signs are the only medium. They can send you some hints of their presence by spreading the smell of their favorite flowers, playing their favorite music or let you look at clock and you see 11:11 or 12:12.

So, if you look these kinds of sign ever in your life ahead just let a psychic medium help you.


Shamanism is the traditional healing way of life. It is way to connect with nature and and all of creation. The word Shaman was originated from Tungus tribe in Siberia. Anthropologists coins this term and have used it in refer to spiritual and ceremonial leaders amongst the indigenous culture worldwide. The word Shamanism can be used to describe the ancient spiritual practices of these indigenous culture. Therefore, the countless similarities between various ancient traditions played a role in the continual generalization of the world.

Over the past few decades the word Shamanism is popular in western countries, especially in new age generation. Today it can be difficult to describe between traditional form of Shamanism & modern times.  You will find a lot of information on the subject on rebeccaspardig.com

One could see the Shamanism as the spiritual wisdom to all indigenous tribes. As all ancient spiritual practices are connected with nature, Shamanism is the method by which we as human beings can strengthen that natural connection.

What are the benefits you can enjoy from Phone Psychic Reading?

Have you ever considered a phone psychic reading? Today, when everything is going online and quick (and there are excellent services such as livepsychic.ie), getting a psychic reading over the phone is not that critical either. From ace to newbie—many professionals with the gifted powers are available for offering a paid or free tarot or psychic reading over the phone.

In fact, according to the experts, it is really tough to operate a phone psychic reading; even more than the online face-to-face chat readings. You can call anonymously and can expect answers to your questions from a psychic who hasn’t seen you. Only by listening to your voice and problem, they are ready to help you out with the solutions.

Apart from being quick and time-saving, the phone psychic consultation has become popular for different other viable reasons. Let’s have a quick look at that—

Do it from your Home—

You can call up for the psychic reading anytime from the comfort of your home. There is no need to drive down and brave the traffic to reach the psychic’s office. After that, there is no need to wait for your turn for consultation either.

You can save a lot of time and relax if you opt for the phone psychic consultations. Many busy people have found this solution very convenient. They can even give their psychics a call as they travel or from work.

Geographical Boundaries cannot be barriers—

If you are looking forward to calling up a psychic in Ireland from Australia, you can conveniently do that. No geographical boundaries can stop you from having the phone communication with the psychic you want to get connected.

Sometimes, a couple of clairvoyants, tarot card readers, psychics in Dublin are open for 24/7 consultation over the phone. You can choose such services as well. If you are decent about calling the professionals considering their exact geographical timing, you are also free to do so. There are several psychic readings services in other parts of Europe as well like for example Sweden. Some of the more reputable mediums are Madeleine Hermannson Balans & Utveckling and Anne from Experthjälpmedium.se


No chance to get cheated—

When you are consulting the psychic over the phone there is no chance for the psychic to see you. Thus, it is really challenging to read your fortune without seeing you, without knowing you, without learning your age etc. But, it is not a good idea to bewilder the psychic by testing his/her skills over the phone. Remember, you are going to pay per minute, so ask the questions accordingly so that the psychic may not be misguided and can help you out by answering you correctly.

Relax throughout the session—

As you are calling the psychic over the phone from the comfort of home, you can ensure a relaxing ambiance. There is no need to worry about facing the clairvoyant or the angel reader face-to-face. Often many people get scared to face the psychics face-to-face as they are mind readers.

Call independently and Stop accordingly—

Last but not the least, you are free to ask anything and can talk about anything that makes sense. You are also free to stop the session anytime you want.

So these are a couple of benefits you can solely enjoy via phone-a-psychic services. And there are a few psychic services that are really great, such as the Irish service Live Psychics Ireland . They’ve got som amazing mediums.-.

Read more about the benefits of psychic readings

Five Essential Steps to Angel Reading

Like psychics, angel readers are gifted with some special powers to bridge between the angels. Yes, they do exist like spirits with whom the psychics communicate to find solutions for the people visiting them during crises. Angel reading is similar to tarot reading. Here also, the expert takes the help of the tarot cards as a psychic medium to develop a connection with the angels.

Often it happens when you feel the presence of a power holding you or supporting you at times of dire complex situations. According to many spiritual experts, this is the presence of angels that are guiding you always. One of them is the guardian angel who is protecting you since your first breath on Earth. You can’t see them but can surely feel the presence of such powers not only in tough times but also during happy moments.

Here, we have enlisted 5-steps to angel reading to give you a vivid picture of how this reading helps and supports individuals when they need to think beyond the rational ideologies—

The Process—

An angel reading session is arranged to help people out of any tough situation and also to predict the future. There are experts powered with great intuition to establish a connection between the angels. Often, spiritual gurus call them the gifted ones with tremendous powers that they can use in helping individuals by playing the role of a messenger.

When you visit the angel reader, he/she will take some time in creating the bridge to communicate with your angel. After some time when they will get connected, you will be intimidated to ask your questions. So, keep your questions ready for you that you need to ask your angels. The angel will surely give all your answers if you are visiting a genuine angel reader.

Finding an Angel Reader—

Get in touch with a genuine and expert angel reader who is reputed and have actually helped people with authentic card reading. You can take the help of references or can communicate with a reader online. Nowadays, you can opt for the online angel reading services via chat or email services.

But if you are not convinced with the online or phone tarot reading or angel card reading, arrange and meeting and visit the psychic physically at his/her office.

Angel Card Reading—

Angel readers often take the help of psychic mediums to communicate. Mostly, the deck tarot cards for angel card reading. The angels share their messages with the cards that are interpreted by the readers.

Questions to ask the Angel—

You are free to ask anything to your angel. Mostly, people communicating with their angels focus on getting solutions to the present situation they are in. The angel’s predictions help them to get a new dimension in their lives. A good angel reader will justly play the role of a messenger and will deliver all he/she has learnt from the angel.

In addition to that, feel free to know your future and overall fortune. You can also know about the fate of your loved ones such as son, daughter, husband, father, mother and also your favorite pet.

Unfold the Hidden Truth—

Reveal the truth that has remained hidden for so long. This is your life and you have all the right to knowing the future or stuff that are still kept in the secret. Let the angel reveal the secret for you so that you have a clear vision of your future and fortune.

These are the top 5-steps to enter the angel reading paradigm to learn about your life, passion, guidance for a tough time and so on.